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Psychosynthesis is a model of therapy that is about the whole person - mind, feelings, body and spirit.  This means that it can support any individual and issue(s) they may be experiencing because it is a holistic model of a human being.


Therapy facilitates an individual's desire to understand and change themselves and their lives. Through the relationship with the therapist, sessions provide an opportunity for a person to begin making choices which serve them in their lives.  There is no script, no timescales, no magic wand but there is a safe space in which healing can take place. 


Why come to therapy?

It might seem like there is not that much wrong but something just doesn’t feel right.  It might be there is a specific issue that is causing you a problem.  It might be that everything feels awful and hopeless.


If something in our body doesn’t feel right we go to the doctor, or a chiropractor or a dentist.  When something doesn’t feel right in our heart, mind or soul then where do we go?  A therapist.  We are just two people, sitting down having a conversation and hopefully I’ll be able to guide you on your journey to meet yourself and make choices in your life.


What happens?

It’s different for each of us because we’re unique.  It will possibly be painful and scary at times.  It will possibly bring relief, connection and peace.  It will be worth the effort.  On a practical level, we’ll meet for 50 minutes, usually weekly, at an agreed time and see how it goes.  The first step is to get in touch for a chat.

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