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Gabrielle's Story

"I started counselling with Hayley in April 2015.  I knew I needed counselling, but was nervous to open up to a stranger.  We had a few false starts, but Hayley made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere and it was up to me if I wanted to put in the effort.  


There came the day when Hayley informed me that her office location would be changing but I decided to stay with Hayley as she had built a trust between us that I felt would be very difficult to find in another counsellor.  


It was Hayley's steadfast approach and ability to show me alternate perspectives which really helped me grow as a person.  It wasn't easy for me, but Hayley was extremely patient and conscientious ensuring that I never felt overwhelmed.  I worked with Hayley for over a year and I can honestly say that I have grown so much as a person in that time.  I am barely able recognise the person I was.  I am truly thankful to her and wouldn't hesitate to get back in touch should I need to.”

—  Gabrielle (name & image changed to protect confidentiality)

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