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About Hayley


We all have our stories, the twists and turns of our lives which have made us who we are.  In some ways that may be working for us, in other ways it may be limiting us, even hurting us. In 2004 I realised that how I was thinking, feeling and behaving in my life was limiting and hurting me. 


One of the actions I took was to start therapy.  I was frightened, I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t entirely convinced there was much wrong with  me or that anyone could help.  I didn’t feel right though and so I made an appointment with a therapist.  Even though I didn’t feel comfortable about what we were talking about, I kept seeing her.  My life story has improved because of therapy.


I qualified as a psychosynthesis therapist in June 2015 and have been seeing clients since 2012.  I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and am in regular supervision.


I have assisted at the Psychosynthesis Trust with various courses


I have a thorough understanding of the 12 steps as applied to all areas of life.

I have been practicing reiki as an energetic healing since 2014.

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